Quality Plumbing Repair

Are you looking for an expert plumber in Gilroy, CA? You do not have to look far because Quistian Superior Plumbing can take care of your plumbing issues. Smart homemakers come to us for their plumbing repair needs. Out of satisfaction for a job excellently done, they recommend our services to their like-minded friends. So if you are wondering how we managed to do that, you should continue reading this article.


Copper Pipes РIf you think that there is a leak in your water supply lines, you do not have to fret because we can fix it. Supply lines are made of copper because of its durability, but it is also susceptible to dents and punctures as it succumbs to corrosion. When we accept this kind of job, our first step would be to assess the damage. Then we will prepare our tools and the materials for the task. As one of the leaders of professional plumbing repair in Gilroy, CA, we can guarantee that we will only use lead-free solder and flux paste.


After shutting the water off, we would use a tubing cutter to cut the damaged part of the copper part. We would tighten the cutter on the pipe and rotate it to cut the pipe. If at first glance, we assess that using a tubing cutter will not do, we would use a hacksaw. We are now ready to put the new copper pipe.


PVC Pipe – This is the preferred plumbing material for drain lines. It may be easy to assemble, but it has to be done right. If done haphazardly, the joints can easily give way. Our first step for this kind of plumbing repair project would be to cut the PVC pipe with the use of a PVC saw or a hacksaw. We will thoroughly clean the edge of the PVC pipe by scraping it inside and out. We are now ready to fix your drain line.



So if you have seen the telltale signs of a leaking pipe, you should immediately ask help from Quistian Superior Plumbing in Gilroy, CA. We will be more than happy to fix them. All you need to do is call us at (408) 910-9803.